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Aziz IT

Aziz IT is professional Software development and website Development Company is focused on the leading edge of information transfer technologies, adding significant value to their business. Most importantly, we accomplish this by creating a long-term relationship with each partner by clubbing creative and cost effective solutions with a solid foundation of support and maintenance. Aziz IT theme for creating web sites that are inviting, informative and interactive has been a winning formula for both new web site projects and new life of first generation sites.. We work diligently to educate each client and help them quickly adapt their business model to the opportunities available to them on the Internet. Aziz IT mission is to provide value to our customers by offering several benefits to them including speed to market, high quality people and processes, cutting edge technology expertise and a full service portfolio. Explore the world of Aziz IT for all your technology service needs. Our aim is success through your victory.

How We Work?

At Aziz IT we give exceptional attention to mastering the use of latest technologies, studying newly originated standards and working methods in the area of information technologies. Here, we have top class industry certified software development professionals like project managers, software engineers and programmers, testers, designers and technical writers with elite skill sets for this. When developing software products we make use of modern, well, and proven technologies in practice. As a result we promptly and qualitatively finish tasks set by our customers. The developed system fully satisfies customer necessities and contains a wide set of abilities for expanding the system functions in the future. We try hard to offer you custom software solutions that will help you to stay in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology-based business solutions. To meet this requirement, we employ new software development platforms, development tools as well as utilize most up to date project management techniques and software engineering practices. At the same time we desire to give our customers an opportunity to perfect their software products and applications developed using older technologies. For this reason we hold on to specialists for working knowledgeable in working with these technologies. In order to reduce project time schedules leading to quick time to market the product, we define a structured approach. A perfect documentation processes during every phase of product development lifecycle assist us in preventing risks to the bare minimum. After the end delivery, we also lend a hand to our customers by way of participating in future support, escalation and maintenance of the products. Aziz IT team has very strong background in database area - designing, optimizing (data structure, SQL queries and administration), migration. That includes MS SQL, MS Access, Interbase family, mySQL and more. Our skill set includes:

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